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2009: A tradition continues.

Felcon Anlagenbau AG was founded in 2009 as the successor to the 20-year-old Felcon sole proprietorship.

The principal area of activity, construction of plants for the oil and gas industries was continued, true to the company’s traditions.

Now that the firm has relocated to larger production facilities in Schmitten, up to 12 dry gas seal racks can be built simultaneously.

2010: New business fields have been opened.

Our experience in the areas of stainless steel plant construction and engineering has allowed us to extend our portfolio to include construction of small scale hydroelectric plants and drinking water turbines. Our core competence has thus become plant construction for the gas, water and solar tracking systems.

We are intensifying and bringing greater professionalism to our engineering service portfolio with the addition of more Solid Edge systems.

Our goal is to achieve a sustainable market share of the energy production industry.


felcon ingenieurbüro ag, berg 14, 3185 Schmitten, +41 79 270 23 98
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