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4X2 Modul Tracker

- Investment in Schmitten 2700kWh annual production

- 2 linear axis azimuth 170 degrees and 60 degrees elevation linear

- Light-controlled

- With optional wind steering

- Build the plant itself

- Various foundations possible


Uniaxial and biaxial control

We distinguish one-, and two-axis solar tracker.

With single axis tracking photovoltaic module field of the sun follows only after the horizontal angle of the sun (elevation) or vertically according to the sun's path (azimuth).

Dual-axis trackers can do both, and therefore have the highest energy yield because they can target each point in the sky. A uniaxial solar-tracking system. Compared to a fixed south-mounted system yield advantages of up to 30% Biaxial tracking PVTracker can achieve an optimally designed system even up to 45% more yield and the annual average. 

Solar Solution

... If we prefer to talk about how we run coal plants and how we want to bring shale gas out of the ground and if we prefer to schedule experts on solving these technical problems, rather than dealing with renewable energy, then we will forgive us a chance. Because energy will be the topic of the future and the competitive advantage. Looking to Asia and America, it is most certainly not be our wage costs and certainly not the amount of engineers we train each year in the universities, but it will just be the energy issue among others. And I promise you one thing: shale gas technology will not be a competitive advantage for us.

Detlef Neuhaus



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